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Gavin is running in 11th overall and 7th in the mens position at the moment. His Time so far is 14:06 Hours with Day 3 a grueling 6:37.

Extreme Running to Serve

Leadership, Conscious Transformation, Paying it Forward and Education for young South Africans are some of the things that Sinenjongo and Gavin Shaskolsky have in common – and are both passionate about.

Towards the realisation of this passion Gavin will run his second Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon (The KEAM) in October 2017, and will do so to raise awareness and support for Sinenjongo school.

For those who may not know:

The Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon is a self-sufficiency run of 250 Kilometers held over six legs in seven days with set distances for each day, ranging from 28km to 80km.  Participants must carry all their supplies, clothes and compulsory safety/survival equipment for the duration of the event.  Overnight shelter in camps, and water, which is strictly controlled and distributed during the race, is supplied.  The event goes way beyond merely covering 250 kilometers in extreme conditions; it is a challenge to get past what normal people would regard as crazy, and achieve one’s personal goals.

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Sinenjongo high school has an enrolment of 1000 learners.  It serves the extremely impoverished communities of Joe Slovo Park and Dunoon.   Parents send their children to Sinenjongo because they know the school is well run and trust that it offers their children the chance to obtain a good basic education which can then lead to further study opportunities.

For ten years the school was housed in container classrooms on a site in Joe Slovo Park surrounded by shacks. The school had little or no facilities – no hall, no staff room and no sports facilities. It was freezing in winter and scorching in summer.

In January 2017 the school moved into a brand new, beautiful brick building.  It comprises 33 classrooms, 4 science laboratories, an administration block, a computer room, school hall and media centre and a dedicated sports field.

Sinenjongo prides itself on its good matric results.  Their matrics have consistently achieved above 85% for the past seven years – a wonderful improvement on a dismal 27% in 2008.

Sinenjongo’s aim is to offer a quality, well-rounded education to all our learners so that they can go on and make a positive contribution to South Africa as educated and responsible citizens of this beautiful country.

What can you do to help?

In support of this project you can support Gavin and Sinenjongo by committing One Hour or a set amount for for every kilometre that Gavin completes in the 2017 Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon or any donation that you want to give. The set amount could be R1, R5 or R 10 – however much you can afford or are willing and able to donate. So, when Gavin completes the full 250 KEAM Challenge (which he will) Sinenjongo school will receive your time and/or financial support so that they can achieve their dreams and goals like Gavin.

For more information on how you can become involved please email Gavin at


Gavin Shaskolsky

A Little about Gavin.

Gavin is a strategic and results-focused Leadership Coach and Facilitator with extensive experience at executive and senior levels in business. He enjoys transforming and leveraging people capability and organisational potential and has coached and facilitated for over 14 years in over 40 countries across 5 continents. He has coached hundreds of business leaders across multiple industries including Tech, Financial services, Retail, Education, Health, Professional services and manufacturing. He is also the co-founder of He holds B.Bus.Sci and LLB degrees from the University of Cape Town, is an admitted Attorney of the High court of South Africa, has a Diploma in Life and Business Coaching through the Coaching Centre, is an international accredited Time to Think Coach and facilitator, International Microsoft accredited facilitator in Managing Transitions and has been trained in Process Work coaching and facilitation programmes (2006-2011).

Gavin is married with a daughter, Ruby. He lives in Cape Town South Africa, enjoys nature, music, ultra and trail running, surfing, reading and anything to do with personal development and learning.

Gavin has also been involved in volunteer Mentorship programmes with TSiBA, the Mankind Project, Ort Jet SA and Big Brother Big Sister SA. He is the team running coach at Century City Athletics Club as well as being a trustee/and chairman for the Vipassana Association of South Africa (2000-2016).

Gavin Shaskolsky

Executive Coach & Process work facilitator
Time to Think Accredited Coach

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