And they’re off!

Well after much anticipation, packing and repacking our bags and nervously discussing the race, weather and the weights of our packs, we set off at 8am to the encouraging crowds and volunteers.

It’s incredible to be out here again-an early spotting of a family of giraffes, the vast desert landscape, the magnificent orange river and the endless sand of varying depth, coarseness and composition. Yes, being a student of the Kalahari sand is crucial if we are to survive out here. So we study the depth, the colour, the grain and the amount-at length and with great awe and disbelief-and it’s only day 1!

It’s brilliant out here. The undulating hills, the rocky outcrops, the sparse vegetation and the endless sand-oh yes I forgot that I have mentioned the sand already. Get used to it-this is a much repeated theme over the next few days so you might get to know sand more intimately as we go-I certainly will.

So it’s rest time now as we feed ourselves, put out feet up, treat blisters and chaffing and discuss, laugh and chirp our way through the next few hours. It’s a big part of being here-the sub culture of the ultra desert trail runner-it’s a weird bunch indeed!

Day 1 Results and position.


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Candice Bothma

Gavin we so proud of you!


Solid opening day Gav!! Behind you all the way…