Are we there yet?

For those of you with kids or who remember the donkey from Shrek, you’ll be familiar with the repetitive irritating question: ‘Are we there yet? Or it’s close cousin ‘When are we going to get there already? Sigh…

While running through the lush forest, on a beautiful morning, I found my wandering mind asking these same questions. It wanted to be somewhere else, anywhere else more exciting and interesting than this. It stopped me dead in my tracks- or was it the huge Doberman growling at me as I ran passed that shot my adrenalin through the roof? Who knows, but either way it got me thinking…

As I began running again I noticed my laboured breathing, my heightened level of survival and my fine tuned sniper like attunement to my surroundings. There was no ‘Are we there yet?’ Or ‘when are we going to get there?’ but a pulsating, surging energy, delighted to be alive, to be surrounded by nature, to be immersed in every movement. I felt free, a childlike freshness of just this moment!

Yet another great lesson from running and life.

So next time someone asks me ‘Are we there yet’-and that most likely will be my own mind, I will simply reply ‘yes we are there’ Because there is actually here! 

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