Are you crazy?

Are you crazy?‘ came the incredulous heavy breathing from behind me ‘and what are you carrying in there, are you going paragliding after the marathon?

Slightly distracted from the road in front of me, the heat and this being the fifth chirp in a few minutes I managed a slight smile and a chuckle before I responded ‘no I’m not, I’m training for a race in a few weeks’. ‘Oh‘ came the reply ‘good for you!

Then a few moments later I heard the same runner whisper, quite loudly I might add, ‘man that dude is really crazy.‘ So I smiled to myself-I like being called crazy especially when I don’t think I am crazy-or maybe I am crazy, no I’m not crazy-this was the internal dialogue for the next few minutes-indicating perhaps that yes-I am crazy.

Fortunately my own thinking was brought to a halt by another fellow runner who simply asked ‘what have you got in there‘, having settled back into a rhythm I engaged in conversation with this friendly man for a few minutes as we shuffled along the crowded streets of Salt river.

So this is how I spent my Sunday. 5 hrs on the roads of the mother city with a backpack weighing around 6kg running the Cape Town Marathon and loving being in the vibe and energy of the tribe of runners all running for their own dreams, their own purpose, their own crazy! What an incredible privilege to be able to run, to be alive, to be healthy.

So with 37 days to go until the KAEM I feel grateful, energised and yes a little crazy-why not? Don’t we all need a little more crazy in our lives to make it more purposeful and meaningful? So the next time someone calls you crazy-smile and chuckle because it’s a good thing:)

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