Day 7: Lord I got to keep on moving

Somehow, someway, by multiple hook and many crooks I made it to the finish at Augrabies.

A grueling day out that still had me unsure I’d make it past check point 1 at 9km! Yes somehow we all made it.

The blazing baking desert sun. The endless deep slippery sand and the countless footsteps were bringing us closer to the end of another journey.

The truth is that none of us complete these extreme events on our own. None is could! It’s the volunteers at camp, check points, the medics, the organizers, fellow runners, our families, friends and a greater force than us. That’s how we make it through. There is no such thing as a self made man/woman. No superstars without a team and o achievements on our own.
It takes more than a village to raise a child and more than any individual to do anything of significance. I was reminded that we can all achieve incredible feats but only if we have all the visible and invisible support to do it.

At the deepest points of suffering, beyond willpower, on the edge of our known abilities lies a stillness of spirit, a silent presence that waits for us to give in and then when we least expect it, it gathers us up under its wings, flies us beyond this moment and lifts us to heights we previously thought impossible.
We can call this god, nature, great spirit-whatever we choose really-but there is no denying its constant presence and readiness to serve us if we just surrender. Luckily today in a boiling dusty sandy river bed deep in the Kalahari it found me when everything inside me had been exhausted and it steadily and effortlessly moved me towards the finish of this particular journey.

With a final submersion in the cool orange river with less than a km to go, having scaled over moon rock I could taste the sweetness of the finish and a cold coke and swim too.

The finish was jubilant and festive. We had made it together and on our own journeys.

Thank you all for your support, reading my blog and putting up with my sense of humour, which I lost many times. I think
I might have brought someone else’s back actually!

So in the words of Bob Marley, whom I could not have finished this race without (and Justine, Ruby the rest of my family and friends–Lord I got to keep on moving…

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