Day 6: tougherer than tough day out

Blazingly hot took almost 9hrs to mostly walk 46km. First 16km felt good and I managed to run again. At check point two power evaporated and I was once again reduced to a long walk for the final 30km. At check point 3: I was on my back in the shade for over 20min cooling my core temperature down. Doctors call was that I could only walk and if he saw me run he’d pull me from the race. That was fine by me as I had no Running left in me. Then a Frenchman named Najib picked me up and we walked side by side for hours speaking little yet being there for each other. By the end we were sapped of energy but we made it to camp.

After a good drink meal and some great tunes-bob Marley of course-I turned in for the night exhausted relieved and having survived one more day. Going to sleep having covered so much ground I knew I could do the last 21km the next day.

Camp mood was festive almost celebratory. We had all come a long way.

A full moon. A beautiful sunset and the vast quiet greeted our weary bodies for a final nights sleep amongst the starlit sky of the Kalahari.

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