Do I have to?

So often my morning begins with the words:’Do I have to?’

Do I have to get up so early? Do I have to get out of bed in the cold, dark, windy morning for yet another run? Do I have to tidy up my room? Do I have to to go to school. Ok maybe that’s a little bit of what my daughter, Ruby, greets us with on most mornings-but you get the picture and perhaps you can relate:)

Well to counter this I have become rather sneaky-I like being sneaky!

I ignore my mind for the first 5 minutes when I wake up every morning. On some mornings I ignore it for longer and sometimes I need to ignore it most of the day (Caution: this doesn’t work so well with Ruby). While this is a simple strategy it really works. Usually once I’m out of bed and done my morning stretches, my mind is on board and ready for the day. My mind’s mantra begins to move to “I wonder what today will bring?’ Or ‘what’s the training for today-ah yes hills-ok then let’s do this!’

So if you want to know how I start my day it’s simple: with a little bit of ignoring, a sprinkle of reframing and a dash of sneakiness. So how do you start your day? Perhaps we could use a little less of ‘Do I have to’ and move more towards “What do I want this day to be like’

As always the choice is ours!

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