Life in a nutshell

It happened slowly, gradually almost imperceptibly. It stalked and crawled up on me like a hunting lioness and then it pounced!

Adrenal fatigue, an old foe. It forced me to rest, to recover and step back from my training. In fact, rest and recovery has became my training. It is almost two weeks since my last proper long run. On a couple of occasions I attempted short easy runs-each time realising my energy was too low, my tank almost empty. I was ‘forced’ to rest again and again.

So I took time off, consulted with my coach and homeopath. I slept in, I took some vitamins and had extra massages and energy work.

It challenged my mental preparation and mindset. It brought up anxiety, frustration and despondency. A real soup of emotions. And with 2 weeks to go this has truly been my training:

To trust that the training has been done and that this is my taper. That I am ready and that all is as it’s meant to be. To trust and let go as this is beyond my control. I am grateful for all the support around me-both seen and unseen. I am ready, amidst uncertainty, to give it my all.

Isn’t that life in a nut shell?

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Good luck Gavin, Gods speed on your epic journey