Slices of joy

The crisp morning air, the light rising above the mountains, the sweet scent of fresh spring blossoms, smiling nature lovers, rhythmic breathing, bounding downhill-ahhh the thin slices of joy that greet my morning run on Lions head.

Now rushing through an email, on my way to another meeting…a deep breath, a glass of water and a pause-a few thinner slices of joy…

Another red robot-really!
A super slow driver-obviously.
Waiting for the lift, still!

I almost missed the smile of the security guard, the laughter of that child, the great tune on my playlist-ahhh the thin slices of joy.
It’s in the moments we miss, in the experiences we are asleep in, the silences between the chords and the people we pass by-that’s where life happens too- the thin slices of life.

Where are your thin slices of joy? How can you notice them more?

Finishing today’s’ blog-a simple slice of joy:)

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