Time to rest!

I went to sleep dreading my 2.5 hour solo Sunday run-not my typical mindset. When my alarm went off I wanted to crawl under the covers and never get up!

Well that lasted a few seconds and then I was up ready to grit my teeth and put in my training. I felt sluggish, like an old car that you had to pull the choke out and then leave it to idle for a few minutes! But I had to drive, to get somewhere!

I knew from the start that I was in for a tough run-my body just didn’t want to cooperate, my mind certainly was less interested in helping and the strong winds didn’t help matters either. So I pushed through, kept digging deep to motivate myself and slowly knocked off the mileage.

When I got home I collapsed onto the couch with my breakfast. I tried to sneak a snooze in before we went to the Open streets festival. Later in the day I was exhausted and knew something wasn’t quite right. I had overdone it…again.

Looking back the signs were clear. I needed to recover more, to rest up and take it easy. Once again I got to relearn that recovery is part of the training and key to performing well. I ignored the signs, closed my eyes (and mind) to the information I didn’t want to see and made a determined effort to push hard and push through. Sometimes though not pushing hard, but listening, slowing down and resting is the key to OPTIMAL SUSTAINED PERFORMANCE.

So I’ve listened. I’ve slowed down. I am resting. That is my training today!

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