Where does pressure come from?

Where does pressure come from? How do you manage it? How does it impact your performance?

These are questions I often ask people.

Yesterday my coach asked me these questions and the responses I gave were cutting and clear!

The pressure is coming from inside me-not from anyone else. I have become distracted by expectations and perceptions-mostly not real ones either. I want to let go of the pressure and focus on why I am doing this race!

To challenge myself, to go out of my comfort zone, to adventure, to travel, to meet awesome people and have fun while doing this!

So…fast forward 12 hours-I am running sprint repeats on the treadmill at gym-feeling…well great actually!

So I am choosing to let go of the pressure. To focus on the simple small things and have FUN! To go out there and PLAY in the desert-well maybe not play but at least have more FUN in the SUN.

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