About the school

Sinenjongo high school has an enrolment of 1000 learners.  It serves the extremely impoverished communities of Joe Slovo Park and Dunoon.   Parents send their children to Sinenjongo because they know the school is well run and trust that it offers their children the chance to obtain a good basic education which can then lead to further study opportunities.

For ten years the school was housed in container classrooms on a site in Joe Slovo Park surrounded by shacks. The school had little or no facilities – no hall, no staff room and no sports facilities. It was freezing in winter and scorching in summer.

In January 2017 the school moved into a brand new, beautiful brick building.  It comprises 33 classrooms, 4 science laboratories, an administration block, a computer room, school hall and media centre and a dedicated sports field.

We pride ourselves on our good matric results.  Our matrics have consistently achieved above 85% for the past seven years – a wonderful improvement on a dismal 27% in 2008.

Our aim is to offer a quality, well-rounded education to all our learners so that they can go on and make a positive contribution to South Africa as educated and responsible citizens of this beautiful country.