Fund Raising by running

CCACCentury City Athletics Club (CCAC) has adopted the Sinenjongo High School specifically with an Athletics outreach program. CCAC has focused its development program to the local community, taking in Juniors and Seniors who show an interest in the sport and wish to excel.

Running is an excellent activity to promote strength, goal setting and endurance. Juniors who take part in the program gain a sense of belonging.

To that end the CCAC hosts a training session twice a week, with a race once a week, usually the parkrun 5KM Event or an actual racing event. CCAC members contribute money as well as time and effort to make this happen. The program has matured over the years to the extent that there are over 30 promising youngsters in the program.

Gavin Shaskolsky runs every year in an event that is extreme. This is the Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon. (Kaem Website). He runs this event at his own cost in an effort to raise awareness of the needs of those less fortunate. Using this run as a focal point we hope to raise funds which will go directly to the school.

The run is symbolic of the struggle it takes to give education to our new generation within empoverished societies. That struggle has to be overcome by pressing on and never giving up.

The school has some needs, which are not necessarily about running specifically. But as runners ourselves we feel we can contribute towards these goasl with the help and focus of Gavins Attempt.

With that in mind, these are the goals we would like to achieve for the school.

1. Sound System for the Hall
2. White boards for classrooms
3. Digital projectors
4. Science equipment for Natural Science laboratory
5. Books for the Media Centre
6. Furniture for the staff room
7. Sponsorship for Paper Video programme for learners