About the juniors

Many of us at the club are aware of the Development Juniors. A handful of very young teenagers from Joe Slovo and Dunoon.
The choices in these areas are very few. Join a gang or suffer the consequences.

We all understand the importance of belonging and being part of something strong and bold in our communities. The problem is that in some areas that choice is not always a good one. We all share a passion for running.  Anyone who has done a Marathon, or even the first timer doing their first 10 Km race knows the pain and training that goes into preparing and running it.

Running is a great symbol of life for struggling teenagers trying to get ahead.
Training these teenagers to overcome the pain, to plan ahead for a race the following year, to go through rigorous training week on week with small short term goals and some larger long term goal in mind, will help them in all other aspects of their lives.

As a runner yourself, no matter where you come from or what your background, you know this to be true.

We are a Gang of runners from Century City Running Club. We have invited a group of young teenagers to run in our colors, to be a part of OUR Gang and the rewards of this have been immediate. These young people have flourished. We don’t push them to run, they run to our training sessions, walking like excited youngsters to train themselves to be better. They run a race or they do parkrun. They get better and better each week, driving themselves now. Running has had a major impact on their lives.

This must be an ongoing drive from our side in order to make it meaningful. To stop now because we achieved so much, is to rewind and go backwards. The task is not complete.

We are raising funds now, using running as the symbol as well as the medium, to make a difference. The school and the community will know that it was the running teenagers that made the difference. This was not just a dumping of charity, this was these teenagers that elected to be bold, that committed themselves to make the extraordinary effort to be better that made this fund raising activity possible. Its that boldness and commitment that Gavin will be fueled by to complete his task. Gavin will focus his task towards making a difference for us all, just as these young people, in spite of their circumstances, have done the same for the past few years now.

Lets support them going forward in a meaningful way. By supporting this drive, we are supporting our gang of young people.